iPhone 13: Do we have to keep a small basket?

θήκες κινητών

iPhone 13: Do we have to keep a small basket? The leaks for the upcoming iPhone 13 and its phone case – θήκες κινητών – have not revealed anything shocking and many are wondering if all this is a Bubble. Articles on the Internet have started talking about possible frustration that awaits Apple’s loyal friends. It is difficult to draw conclusions judging simply by the rumors circulating online, but it is a fact that what has been revealed so far about the iPhone 13 mainly refers to the design of the…

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SEO for mobile websites


SEO for mobile websites It has become very important nowadays to change strategies and tactics to accommodate the increasingly popular mobile search. Mobile websites are growing in numbers every day with its own set of rules. Mobile search is very different from the traditional desktop search websites. Hence it is essential that websites are made mobile compatible to be able to service this growing segment. SEO has hence become very important even for mobile websites. Keywords: While optimizing websites for mobile search it is important that you keep the keywords…

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