iPhone 13: Do we have to keep a small basket?

θήκες κινητών

iPhone 13: Do we have to keep a small basket?

The leaks for the upcoming iPhone 13 and its phone case – θήκες κινητών – have not revealed anything shocking and many are wondering if all this is a Bubble. Articles on the Internet have started talking about possible frustration that awaits Apple’s loyal friends.

It is difficult to draw conclusions judging simply by the rumors circulating online, but it is a fact that what has been revealed so far about the iPhone 13 mainly refers to the design of the screen and the selfie camera, as well as the camera setup on the back.

The issue of performance, apart from the fact that here we are waiting to see the Apple A15 and that is a new processor, so one has to decide whether Apple will be able to stand on the hardware in its upcoming presentation. To this you can add the fact that RAM is not expected to exceed 6 GB.

A highlight is expected to be the 120 Hz screen and perhaps the fast charging, combined with better battery life. Now, whether all this means that there will be no big sales for the iPhone 13 is a completely different story…

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